Hello people !!

A big virtual hello to all you Didactique-bloggers,

I strongly believe that the world's growing more and more virtual with each passing day. As future teachers, you will be expected to be at ease using a few tools on the Internet, you will be expected to help your students know, understand and if possible, appreciate these tools .....

Let's hope that the practical approach we will be adopting this semester will allow you to master just a few basic things ...

Happy blogging and happy podcasting ... :-)

Let the fireworks begin !!!!!

Monday, 23 April 2012


Little Charly's Adventures - Tiana, Colline, Coralie

The little girl who talked to animals - Justine, You and Celia

The princess and the flowers - Lamia, Aurore and Leslie

The Princess and the Fisherman - Aurore and Sylvain

A Mermaid adventure - Mathilde and Mandy

Mensah and Akilah - Mamadou and Gabriel

Brown skin - Betty and Nélia

The lost Necklace - Claire, Nabila and Justine

David's adventure - Charlene, Jennifer and Christopher

Questionnaire to be filled in class

This is the link to the Questionnaire I would like you to take a moment to fill out IN CLASS. Kindly do NOT do so at home.
See you all very soon for our last class this year :-)

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Please do not forget to add an activity at the end of your stories, an activity that you could suggest for other teachers to try out if they were to use your story.
After "THE END" of your story, you will need one slide in which you explain the activity that you suggest that students do and one slide where you actually DO the activity (video, photos, etc).... 
Good luck

Monday, 16 April 2012

Dont forget....

1. To mention in one introductory paragraph for EACH podcast written activity WHERE you have taken the podcast from: university, speaker, duration of the podcast.

 2. To dedicate one entire blog entry to all the new vocabulary (and/or pronunciation) that you have learnt over the course of the semester.

3. That your final blog entry will be a reflective one where you will think about your own learning of English. You will enlist the difficulties you encountered, steps you had to take to overcome those difficulties. Do you think your language improved? If so, how?

Deadlines closing in ....

Hello everyone, hope you have been consistently working on your tasks.
This is a quick reminder of your fast approaching deadlines. 
You should have finished your first 'stories through Voicethread' by this week.
You will submit your final 'stories through Voicethread' next week. 
Moreover, your last task with podcasts, which I will be grading, should be put online by the 22nd of April, 2012.
Just a couple of weeks more and then you're done..... with 'Teaching méthodologies' in the least! 

Monday, 19 March 2012

Boys who hate writing

Its easier to teach students who LIKE doing something... what when someone doesn't??
Read Web 2.0 for Rookies to understand what I'm talking about