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Sunday, 5 February 2012

An interesting talk I found

You could watch it by clicking on the link "How to learn? From mistakes"

You will find an interactive transcript and information about the talk and the speaker on the right of the page.
The talk lasts about 10 minutes, so its certainly not very long.
Do watch it when you have a spare moment and reflect on her speech. What kind of teaching is this teacher providing? How does she teach? Would you, as a student, like to learn in the way she teaches? Why or why not?
You could reply to these questions by commenting on my blog itself .... :-) 


  1. I think that this is a great video, because it's rather concrete and we actually see some results of the way she's teaching.
    She seems to be an interresting teacher because she's interrested in what she does. She's interrested by her students and not onlu by their results.
    Plus, I totally agree with the things she says about making mistakes and learning from them. I thonk it's the onlu way, if it's wrong we try to understand how? and why? and then we can learn.
    Last thing I liked is that she makes her students create something and does not only try to fill their heads with knowledge they'll had to memorize. That's making school interesting!

  2. I liked it ! The way she speaks, she's very motivated !
    I wish every teacher was like her ! In my opinion, pupils can't be interested in learning if it's not attractive, if it's not living ! I mean, I don't think we have to change everything in the current teaching methods, but we have to combine creativity and basics ! When we watch this video, we want to learn the way they learn ! I think that we have to care about what this teacher is saying about teaching, because if we want to be teachers too, we don't have to make our class boring.
    And I also think that failure and mistakes are part of learning; as a student, I want my teachers to accept my mistakes and I would like them to help me instead of blaming me. It's something I do'nt want to reproduce when I am a teacher !

    1. I completely agree with your analysis about failure and mistakes in learning. You must definitely take care of this yourself when you become a teacher !! A good observation !

  3. wooo!I loved her philosophy and point of view,
    I wrote some of her sentences down as they sound really enthusiastic and positive to me: "[you should] allow pupils to feel as part of the learning process...Ask them to go to places, to see things for themselves, to play, to inquire.."
    Be curious!and try to learn from everything you do even when you fail,could well sum up what she says.
    I found the project she made with her students from Arizona really interesting and creative: producing this little movie (and recording their voices)about a gentleman identified in the pupils'environment as someone who singularly uses life to do something positive and to impact other people. That's the kind of personal project children can use as a way of sharing their knowledge and skills while not necesseraly being aware it is also work.

    Nice video!It's 11:56, we're on Saturday 11th and I am seriously asking myself:Wouldn't it be awesome to be a teacher? :)

    1. .... and I reply to your question Coline... it IS totally AWESOME to be a teacher.... but you have to be careful to be the 'correct type' of teacher, like Diana Laufenberg definitely is :-)

  4. Her point of view is very interesting & I completely agree with her.
    We can't continue to consider school as a place where we get the information.
    We have to reinvent the education & apprenticeship
    In the video it's very interesting to highlight, underline that the apprenticeship process depend on the investment of the kids.
    That's interesting to see that make kids actors, they learn by experience in order to step up.
    It souds like "the school of life" & it sound beautiful.
    It could be interesting to introduce in the French educational environment this idea of "going to school not in oder to get the information but in order to what they could do with the information because the school system has evolved or ,rather, the apprehension of the school system & learning has envolved.
    Her idea of "embracing failure" is interesting too, it's important to let children failed because failure is a way of apprenticeship.
    As the school employee I was, I can assert that apprenticeship is not just go to school & get the information.
    But I think that the motivation & the passion of the teacher is something very important because, nevertherless, Diana Laufenberg looks like a very passionated teacher.
    Without passion &motivation nothing can't be done.
    I think teaching is a vocation, people who teach don't do that by chance.
    All the teachers I met in the past were passionated by their job, I really think that is one of the keys of apprenticeship but it's another subject...