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Monday, 27 February 2012

Food for thought

Do you think it is possible to incorporate a social networking website like Facebook for teaching English as a foreign language? Why or why not?
How would you do so as a primary/ middle/ high school teacher? 
Any concrete ideas on how you would use a particular element from Facebook?


  1. Facebook is a social networking website used by lots of students, children and adults but I think it’s not a good idea to incorporate this social networking for teaching English. All people, can write what they want, even if there are many spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes, there isn’t person who corrects the mistakes: It’s not good for a beginner!
    If I become a primary teacher, I think used facebook only to share photos or videos about museum visits, school trips… and I will ask the children to comment photos!
    When I was at primary school, each children had an English corresponding and we sent letters to communicate (the French correspondent wrote in English and the English correspondent replied in French or conversely), it was a very good idea to improve the foreign language! But it was a little long by letters! If I become primary teacher I will use Facebook like means of communication, to allow children to communicate with English children.

  2. Personally I don't think that Facebook can be use as a social networking website to teach a foreign language. Because people sign often in to entertain their self, to speak whit friends,family and to comment on others link.
    For example when i sign in i don't think about any thing else than chatting whit my friends,look at some pictures, laugh at their links and make jokes.
    At the second hand i think if we want to use facebook to teach a foreign language, we must at least have contact with a school where they speak the foreign language and form a group with the teacher and the children so that we can get in touch with them. I think that it might be a way to improve the language.